About Us

hallobola.com is an internet-based news portal operating from Deoria (uttar pradesh) publishing news.

What started as a wholesome English news platform https://hallobola.com/ has grown to become a recognized voice in the news industry. The massive success of English news platform and a couple of hundred reader requests later, we ventured into English news reporting through hallobola English. Since the last year and a half, we’ve committed ourselves to provide authentic, 100% truthful, unbiased and high-quality news to our genuine readers from around the world.

hallobola is an independent news platform that is owned and managed by Praveen Rajbhar based in Deoria, uttar pradesh. It has become the one-stop destination for the latest news delivery. Our team of dedicated reporters, journalists, writers, editors and graphics designers goes the extra mile to bring fresh and reliable content to our reader’s computer screens. Right from the drop of a pin in the Parliament to A-list Bollywood celebrity drama to cricket score updates – We cover and process every lead with a fine-tooth comb to keep our readers abreast with the latest happenings of the world.

At this moment, our team of high-performing experts curates an engaging and interactive news feed for our readers. The bouquet includes news articles, opinions, polls, reviews and photographs sourced from the horse’s mouth. Our plans included quality news reporting by progressing into other languages.

Each member is an important cog in the wheel of hallobola. Without one, none can exist.

Founder and Chief Editor: Praveen Rajbhar

Email Id: [email protected]

For any business-related query or complaint, you can reach out to us by emailing at [email protected] or visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.